Helluva Boss (Insert OC) Moxxie and Millie's Child - Mason's 17th Birthday (2024)


The I.M.P crew had just come back from the human world after they just killed a group of humans in an alleyway. "Nice job gang, as always" Blitzo said putting his gun away in its holster. "Yeah, that was fun. Did you see the way that guy barfed his own blood" Millie said mimicking how it went. "Yeah, that was disgusting. But did you see how I shot three men with one single bullet" Moxxie said smirking. "Ok how about when I cut two guys heads clean off with my blades" Mason said putting away his katanas.

Blitzo got in between everyone. "Alright everyone, we all did great, but I think we all know who did a little better. This guy" Blitzo said gesturing to himself. "Oh, please you just threw a grenade and got a couple of humans. Anyway, isn't it time to go home" Mason said. "Yep, but there's something we gotta do first, but you have to stay while me and your parents do it" Blitzo said.

"What? Why?" Mason asked. "It's something special but it's important that you stay here and close your eyes and walk to that corner over there" Blitzo said pointing to the corner. Mason was still confused but did what he said. "Also, could you cover your ears too" Blitzo added. Mason sighed and covered his ears.

Blitzo and the rest then went into the other room. Sounds of objects being moved were heard as well as new voices in the room. Then Blitzo was clicking something and grunting about it wouldn't work. "Damn it, f*ck. Come on, light you cheap piece of sh*t" He whispered. The clicking stopped and it was silent for moment. "Ok you can open your eyes and oh sh*t. Never mind keep them closed!" Blitzo said.

The sound of running was heard and soon things being thrown around. "Come on where is it?!" Blitzo said. "Sir" Moxxie called. "Christ on a stick, why haven't I found it yet?!" Blitzo said panicking. "Blitzo" Millie called. "f*ck it's gone! Damn it I-. Oh, wait there it is behind the blinds" Blitzo said relived. Mason became more confused about what was happening until Blitzo called out to him.

"Ok now you can look" Blitzo said. Mason turned around and uncovered his eyes gasping at what he saw. "SURPRISE!!! Happy 17th Birthday!!!" Everyone said along with Stolas and Octavia. "Aw wow thanks guys! This is great. Octavia! Mr Goetia, what are you guys doing? No offense or anything just asking" Mason said. "Your uncle told us, and when my dear Octavia heard about it she wanted to come to see you again" Stolas explained. "I even got a present that I'd think you'd really like" Octavia said smiling. "Cool, I'm glad you came Octavia" Mason said smiling back.

Mason looked over at a table with a few presents around it but didn't see the cake. "Where's the cake" He asked. "That's another surprise" Loona said looking away. "Let's get to the presents first, and then we can-" Moxxie was cut off by a loud knocking at the door. "I'll get it" Mason said walking up to the door.

The banging continued as voice called out from behind the door. "Open up, dude. Open up!" The voice called. Mason opened the door and saw Damian bending over out of breath. "Damian? What are you doing here?" Mason asked. Damian wiped his forehead and stood up straight. "You thought I was going to miss my best friend's birthday. Sorry if I'm out of breath, I had to run and get a present" Damian said taking out a gift from behind him. "Oh well, you can come in and sit down. We're just about to do presents" Mason said gesturing to the lobby. "Sweet! Don't mind if I do" Damian said waltzing into HQ.

Mason and Damian went back into the lobby and sat down. "Who the hell is this?" Blitzo asked. "I'm Damian, Damian Beezley. I'm Mason's best friend. I'm his only best friend. Forever, and ever, and ever" Damian said creepily introducing himself while hugging on Mason. "Dame please let go of me. Unc, you've met him before" Mason asked uncomfortably. "No don't recall seeing this red ball of fur before" Blitzo said. "Hey, that's Mr. Red Ball of Fur to you" Damian said jokingly. "Well Dame came through to celebrate my birthday" Mason said. "And I brought a gift, so I'll just put it over here with-Woah! Goetias. I mean Goetia, I mean uh your majesty" Damian said nervously bowing.

Helluva Boss (Insert OC) Moxxie and Millie's Child  -  Mason's 17th Birthday (2024)


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