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Guilty and innocent aren't our business, Mox. Killing who we're paid to is our business.
~ Millie explaining the job to Moxxie.

Mildred May Knolastname, better known as Millie, is one of the two tritagonists (alongside Loona) of Helluva Boss, a spin-off series set in the same universe as Hazbin Hotel. Aswell as the Protagonist of Her own Short.

In the pilot, she is voiced by Erica Lindbeck, who would go on to voice Loona in the series proper. She also voices Sumire Kakei from Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, Black Cat from Marvel's Spider-Man, Farnese from Berserk, and Jericho from The Seven Deadly Sins

In the series proper, she is voiced by Vivian Nixon. In the French dub, she is voiced by Carol-Anne P.


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Millie was born to imp farmers Lin and Joe, presumably on their farm, in the Wrath ring where she would be raised by them. She had numerous siblings, and got a reputation for being even more violent than denizens of the ring, amassing a head count so large during “The Pain Games” her mother forbid her from participating. Sometime before the events of Helluva Boss, she dated a Greedian mob enforcer named Chazwick Thurman; how this affair ended is not stated, but to this day, simply seeing him is enough to cause her to collapse into near-bestial rage. At some point, she met Moxxie and the two would eventually date, proceeding to get married shortly before the events of the show.

Helluva Boss[]

Millie is the loving wife of Moxxie, and fellow member of I.M.P. She has a sweet and caring personality, but is also a ruthless and sad*stic killer who enjoys her occupation as an assassin for hire. Millie also seems to enjoy being part of her boss, Blitzo’s, “family" and tries to keep the peace between him and Moxxie (though it is also suggested she actually enjoys Blitzo’s voyeuristic behavior).

Millie is seen to accompany Moxxie wherever he goes. She will defend him against any attack (be it Loona or even an insulting child). Unlike Moxxie, she is much more willing to just go along with anything Blitzo wants and is most happy when out in the field committing murder.


Millie is shown to have a sweet, caring personality for those she loves like Moxxie and her parents. Outside of this circle, however, she can act unapologetically sad*stic and brutal to others, especially if those in the circle have been hurt by them. This is shown through multiple encounters in the series, with Millie’s hatred for her ex, Chazwick Thurman, almost causing her to kill the shark once she learns that he also had a relationship with and hurt Moxxie by abandoning him.

Should Moxxie be hurt or taken hostage, Millie's infernal nature comes to the surface in a bout of unholy rage that, as Blitzo tells Moxxie (in "Truth Seekers"), would take a "roided-up hippo" to stop, making this claim after Millie has already brutally slaughtered half the security in a government facility in her attempts to find and free the both of them. A less violent, but considerably more reckless maneuver committed by Millie, was hitting a beloved employ of the Deadly Sin of Lust over the head with a guitar for antagonizing her husband.


  • Millie is an imp, and as such a hellborn demon to Hell, originating from the Wrath Ring.
  • Due to being imps, Moxxie, Millie and Blitzo are seen as the lowest of Hell's citizenry, which may further explain their drive for fame and wealth. Millie’s penchant for entrepreneurship exacerbates this.
  • Viv had stated that she would change Millie's voice actor once the actual series premieres but would still keep her previous voice actor, Erica Lindbeck, to voice Loona. Later, actress and dancer Vivian Nixon, was hired to voice Millie.
  • There is a large poster of Moxxie and Millie's wedding photo in I.M.P.’s meeting room. In it, Millie is wearing a long strapless black dress and has wild hair that goes down past her hips, while Moxxie is wearing a white suit. It appears Blitzo has drawn over the photo in red marker to draw himself hugging them.
    • This same photo seems to be in their living room, although only the bottom half can be seen and it doesn't have Blitzo's graffiti.
  • In Vivziepop's 2019 short Holidaze, Millie appears as an ornament on a Christmas Tree. There is a tree carved with the initials "M+M →B←" in a heart that alludes to her and Moxxie (and by extension Blitzo).
  • While Millie seems to tolerate Blitzo's intrusions, she is not shown to be comfortable with other men flirting, as the game attendant pushing Moxxie away and attempting to flirt with her noticeably upset her.
  • Millle mentioned in "Loo Loo Land", her parents used to take her and her siblings to Loo Loo Land when they could manage it financially.
  • Millie breaks the fourth wall in "Spring Broken", where she (along with the whole IMP crew) all collectively look in disapproval at the camera in reference to the internet’s artistic portfolios concerning Loona.

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Millie (Helluva Boss) (2024)


Does Millie actually love Moxxie? ›

Moxxie is Millie's husband and co-worker. They have a very positive relationship, with Millie adoring Moxxie. The two are very affectionate and passionate with each other, are not above publicly displaying their affection for each other, and often defend each other from accusations.

Do Millie and Moxxie have a kid? ›

Mason was the only child of Moxxie and Millie. He worked along side them with their boss Blitzo. Mason looked like his father but had his mother's eyes and hair.

Did Millie date Chaz? ›

Millie is Chazwick's ex-girlfriend, but little is known about their backstory. It can assumed the two ended on bad terms due to Millie constantly trying to kill him and threatening him with a knife during Exes and Oohs.

What is Millie's gender Helluva Boss? ›

Portrayed by:Erica Lindbeck (pilot) Vivian Nixon (main series)
Media of origin:Helluva Boss
1 more row
Mar 22, 2024

Why does Blitzo hate Moxxie? ›

It was revealed over the course of "Truth Seekers" that the reason why Blitzo treats Moxxie in such a harsh manner is due to knowing that Moxxie is a far more capable assassin than Blitzo has suggested, and that he is envious of the relationship that Moxxie has with Millie; it is suggested that Moxxie's relationship ...

What type of demon is Millie? ›

Millie is an "Imp" which looks like a red demon with a long, demonic tail with white markings. She has eyes made up of yellow sclera and black pupils. Her hair is short dark purple. She has long black eyelashes that extend past the sides of her hair.

Why is Blitzo obsessed with Millie and Moxxie? ›

While possibly dismissed as simple perverted behaviour, it belies that Blitzo appears to harbour some jealousy towards Millie for her close relationship with Moxxie, something that is seemingly unattainable for him. Blitzo teams up with Millie to rescue Moxxie.

What gender is Millie's sister? ›

Millie's sister, from episode 5: The Harvest Moon Festival and Helluva Boss Shorts 1: Hell's Belles. HELLUVA SHORTS 1: HELL'S BELLES She is confirmed to be trans woman by her voice actress, Morgana Ignis, who is also a trans woman.

Is Moxxie a guy or a girl? ›

Moxxie. Moxxie (voiced by Richard Steven Horvitz) is the straight man weapons expert of I.M.P. and is married to Millie.

Did Millie wear a wig? ›

According to Sarah, MBB's wig for Stranger Things 4 required a time-consuming process, with three artists working to attach it to Millie's head.

Does Millie have a wig? ›

Milei had a deep connection with his English Mastiff, Conan, who passed away. He now has at least four others reportedly cloned using Conan's DNA, all of which are named after economists. Despite the “wig” nickname, his hair is real.

Who is pansexual in Helluva Boss? ›

Helluva Boss has various LGBTQ+ characters, specifically Moxxie, who is bisexual, and Blitzo, who is pansexual.

Is Blitzo stronger than Millie? ›

Millie is presumably not as strong as Blitzo or Loona, but shes clearly agile and likes melee weapons.

Who is Millie in love with? ›

Millie Bobby Brown and Jake Bongiovi have epitomized modern young love since the summer of 2021—and now they are officially engaged. The Stranger Things actress and the son of rockstar Jon Bon Jovi first met via Instagram before fostering a friendship in real life, and later, a romance.

Who does Millie fall in love with? ›

Millie Bobby Brown and Jake Bongiovi meet on Instagram

In a November 2022 interview with Wired, Brown said that she and Bongiovi fittingly met on Instagram and “were friends for a bit.”

Does Millie cheat on Moxxie? ›

Moxxie and Millie relationship is been on the rocks for quite awhile feeling desperate for love Millie decided to cheat on Moxxie with Blitzo little did she know she would make one of the biggest mistake in her life So prepared for one hell of an e...

Who does Moxxie like? ›

Millie. Millie is Moxxie's wife and coworker. The two have a positive relationship, as they are shown cooking together and singing "Oh Millie" to each other and almost kissing before being interrupted by Blitzo who is recording them.


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